Jamie Feger, Army Vet & Air Traffic Controller: "Never Forget the Women Who Have Blazed The Trail For Us!"

by Jess Clackum

Jamie Feger’s dreams of being a fighter pilot go back more than twenty years. Her hopes of joining the Air Force Academy were dashed when she was disqualified for dental reasons. Undeterred, she chose to attend college and learned to fly. During her first year of college, she decided she needed more excitement and joined the Army. Since she could not be a pilot, she chose the next best thing--Air Traffic Control, which became her career. For more than twenty years, Feger has controlled all types commercial, military, and civilian air traffic.

 Women in service: Jamie (center), her mother Pamela (left) and sister Jessica (right). 

Women in service: Jamie (center), her mother Pamela (left) and sister Jessica (right). 

Military service is the norm for the women in Feger’s family. Her mother Pamela is an Army veteran and sister Jessica is active duty Coast Guard. 

In the Army, Feger served a tour in South Korea as one of only two certified tactical Ground Control Approach controllers. Later, she served at the Pentagon heliport where she received a federal appointment for the FAA. With the FAA, she has served as Frontline Manager, Air Traffic Control Specialist, and has taken a new position at Headquarters as Air Traffic Safety Risk Management Specialist.

 Feger with FAA administrator Huerta and DOT secretary Fox.

Feger with FAA administrator Huerta and DOT secretary Fox.

Feger believes in giving back to her community and she supports causes related to children, economic empowerment, education, health, and human rights. She is involved in organizations such as Boy Scouts of America, Women in Aviation, American Legion, Revive our Hearts, Compassion International, the Veterans Administration and Feed My Starving Children. She is the Founder of the H.I.P. Samaritan Project, a community serving those in need one small need at a time through Hope Inspiration and Perseverance.  Feger has helped resurrect the Chicago Women in Aviation Chapter and serves as its Outreach Officer.

Feger believes strongly in supporting girls in finding careers in aviation as pilots...and more.

“Aviation is an amazing field and we need more women! I came from a small farm town where no one even knew how a girl could become a pilot let alone all the other opportunities in aviation."

Feger is a great supporter of FlyGirls and is always encouraging others to do the same. She is inspired by the WASP and believes it is important to tell their story.

"It's been a great ride so far and I'm looking forward to what the future has to hold, while never forgetting the past and the women who have blazed the trail for us!"