Frank Bissette, Chief Warrant Officer, US Army. He knows the value of honoring the WASP

by Jess Clackum

CW3 Frank Bissette served America honorably for 21 years. During that time he spent 5 years as Sergeant and 67N/UH01H Crewchief with 1000 hours of flight time; and 16 years as a Warrant Officer and 152FF/AH-64A Apache Standardization Instruction Pilot/Instrument/Flight Examiner with 3,000 hours of flight time.

 Frank Bissette B3-229th at Ft. Bragg.

Frank Bissette B3-229th at Ft. Bragg.

“I think that it is extremely important to tell and share the history of the Women Air Force Service Pilots because not only did those brave, intelligent women help their country in a time of need, they inspired generations of young women to aspire to become aviators / aircrew members and that legacy has carried on to this day. Women have earned the right to fly military combat aircraft in all branches of service and without a doubt, the path to this achievement started with the WASP of World War II. We live in a fast paced, technological world but sometimes we have to slow down, look back in history and realize the inspiration for many of great successes. Without that, we become stagnant and unimaginable. And that is not how a great legacy continues. Their history cannot be forgotten.”

Thank you CW3 Bissette for your honorable service to our nation and for your support for FlyGirls Series, the WASP and all women in aviation!