Captain Tracy Toth, PSA Airlines Pilot

by Jess Clackum

 Tracy Toth in early trainee uniform

Tracy Toth in early trainee uniform

Tracy is a full-time pilot with PSA Airlines and flies the CRJ200, -700 and -900. She has flown the Stearman, AT-6, B-25, B-29, is typed in the B-24, and volunteers with the Commemorative Air Force and Mid-Atlantic Air Museum.

Tracy has long been inspired by the WASP. In fact, Velta Haney Benn, WASP 44-7, was the FAA Designated Examiner who gave Tracy her Instrument and Commercial Pilot checkrides in the early 90s. To this day, she cherishes Haney's signatures in her logbook.

Tracy's passion for the WASP runs deep.

"I never pass up a chance to share their stories to those who are interested---showing history through reenacting can be engaging and inspiring."

Tracy had the opportunity to meet many WASP over the years. She coordinated Dora Dougherty's reunion with the B-29, recreated the WASP uniforms, and participates in WASP re-enactments at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's "WWII Weekend". She also researched the WASP at the Texas Women's University, wrote the copy celebrating the WASP which was read at the 2014 Oshkosh flyover commemorating the 75th anniversary of the AT-6.

"The WASP history speaks to passion, tenacity and a dedication that every person can identify with on some level. Oh, and they did it first, did it bravely and with moxie. Who doesn't love THAT?"