The Promise a Young Girl Holds

From the Director...

The Promise a Young Girl Holds. Where Even the Sky Has No Limits.

This photo encapsulates FlyGirls: to give young girls today a new set of role models. To show them the rich history of women in aviation and women in the military. To show them anything is possible.

On Sunday, January 10th in Los Angeles, FlyGirls is proud to present a unique and special event:

The Greatest Generation Meets the Next Generation - Women In Flight

The event will feature a panel discussion with two WASP - Edna Davis & Alyce Rohrer. These pioneering women will be joined by recent USAF veterans Liz Duca, Pamela Monroe, Maggie Dewan-Smith, and Teresa Lowe. Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Rohrer will share their experience flying for the Army Air Corps, and the discussion will cover topics like the ground-breaking ruling allowing women in combat to denying the WASP the right to be buried in Arlington Cemetery.

This event will be live-streamed and available for all donors to the FlyGirls crowdfunding campaign. Donate by Jan 9th at

To participate, simply email us your questions to<> Or you can ask questions live via our Live Stream link which we will email all contributors. We will also make a video of the event available online for contributors if you cannot participate live.

Our Los Angeles event will be the first of a series of events we plan to hold around the country, bringing WASP and recent/current USAF service women together to raise awareness about our rich history of women in the military, and for FlyGirls.

Thank you, and see you soon!