Black Girls (Can) Fly!

From the Director...

A little something special this afternoon from FlyGirls in celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all who have worked so hard in the fight for racial equality!

The Tofu Chitlin' Circuit, a theater conservatory on the South side of Chicago serves to "strengthen the connection between the artist and audience through monthly dialogues, actor training, interviews with theater practitioners and innovative performances."

On November 14, 2015, the Tofu Chitlin' Circuit presented a play titled "Black Girls (Can) Fly!" about a "ten-year old girl from Chicago named Bessie Mae. Her fear of staying alive, has forced her to stay in doors. She does not understand why anyone would want to leave their neighborhood. When an opportunity to take a trip with her parents presents itself, Bessie Mae has to decide if she is going to allow her fear to enable or empower to fly!"

Click here to check out the AWESOME "Black Girls (Can) Fly!" promo vid!

"Black Girls (Can) Fly!" is written and directed by Sydney Chatman, founder of the Tofu Chitlin' Circuit and Performing Arts Teacher at UChicago Charter School. Ms. Chatman inspires young people not just to dream, but to do. Her videos about young people and violence in Chicago can be found online.

"As an artist and activist, my mission is to uplift and encourage our black youth and young people. I do this through my theater conservatory, the Tofu Chitlin' Circuit."

Thank you to Sydney Chatman and everyone at Tofu Chitlin' Circuit for being an inspiration and role model to young people and encouraging them to pursue their dreams!

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