Eugene Makarov, Photographer and Videographer

by Hilary Prentice

"It's important to make sure that this history is made available, especially to young women so that they can see the pioneers who came before them, hear their stories; the perseverance, determination, and confidence that these women displayed." -Eugene Makarov

Eugene Makarov, 28, is a photographer/videographer based in the Los Angeles area. Eugene kindly donated his expertise, time and equipment for our event, "The Greatest Generation Meets the Next Generation".

Makarov was born in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to California when he was 6 years old. He attended California Lutheran University where he studied and graduated with a degree in International Business. It was shortly after he graduated university that his passion for photography blossomed. After working with and alongside Jostens Scholastic Division for 4 years, he began photographing portraiture for graduating seniors. In 2015 he established his own company "EM Photography" that does photographic/videographic work of all kinds. His favorite type of photography is Street Photography/Candid shooting in which he is able to capture the subjects in their "purest" form.

Eugene Makarov states, "My creative vision has always been to capture moments, experiences, and happenings that would otherwise be lost to time. It is a passion of mine capturing these elements within a photograph or video.. feeling the emotion of my surroundings, obtaining each and every unique movement of a subject. A great picture is worth a thousand words."

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