The Greatest Generation Meets The Next Generation: Women in Flight. A Huge Success!

From the Director...

"Yesterday our event, The Greatest Generation Meets The Next Generation: Women In Flight - Presented by The Red Door Films and Fund Dreamer brought together two WASP and 4 USAF service women for a special conversation about the history of women in the military, the present, and the future. Attendees heard personal stories from women across several generations about flying when women weren't supposed to fly, dealing with supply lines in Berlin before the wall came down, and combat in Iraq. By all accounts our event was a great success.

Says one attendee, Sope Ogunyemi: "It was inspirational to meet the women who had the gumption to break barriers and the women who continue to do so. Look forward to learning more about the contributions these great ladies have made."

We look forward to bringing you more unique events like this one, and we would like to thank Pamela Monroe, Liz Duca, Teresa Lowe, Edna Davis, Alyce Rohrer, and Sarah Ellis for sharing their stories. FlyGirls thanks Fund Dreamer for hosting, and our sincere gratitude to our audience and donors for your support. All campaign donors will receive a link to the recording, which we will edit and post online.

As we round the corner for our final leg of our crowd funding campaign, we hope all of our fans who read our posts, like our photos, stories, and believe in what we are doing, join our grassroots campaign to get our miniseries off the ground. With over 6 thousand fans, we can do it, but we need each and everyone of you. Many people do not know about the WASP, and we hope to change that, one person at a time. Please check out our campaign, share it with friends and contribute what you can. We have almost 300 contributors. We would love to see that become 600. It is a few minutes of your time that will ensure these women are remembered, and a future generation is inspired."