Liz Duca, USAF Veteran & FlyGirls Corps!

by Jess Clackum

Today we honor all the women who proudly display a pair of combat boots in their closet...right next to their favorite pair of heels. Women make up 16.5% of the approximate 2.2 million active duty and reserve personnel serving in the U.S. military.

Liz Duca was one those women, serving as an Air Force pilot for 9 years. She is now the proprietor of PreFlight Aviation Camp, whose mission is to transform beliefs about gender roles through aviation and inspire young girls to takeoff into their future.

(Statistics were taken from the 2014 Demographics Profile of the Military Community, published by the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense).

We salute you, Liz, and we welcome you to the FlyGirls Vet Corps!