Melanie Wise, co-Founder of Artemis Motion Pictures and Artemis Women in Action Film Festival

by Jess Clackum

Melanie Wise

"We at Artemis are committed to redefining female heroes and furthering the empowerment of women.”

Wise and her team at Artemis are working hard to put women---specifically “Women in Action” on the map! In fact, right now, they are planning the second annual Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, dedicated to honoring female driven action films.

"The importance of telling stories such as FlyGirls is in showcasing the heroic ways in which women have always lived. Sadly, these facts are MIA in terms of much our common history lessons. Strong female images have the power to inspire women to reach for even further heights in their own personal power.

"We all need to be inspired by women who, when the going gets tough, they start kicking ass. We all have it in us, and we all need to celebrate it. And let’s not forget, as the rich history of women becomes more common knowledge, women on the whole will garner greater value in the world."

Follow Melanie, Sean and the team on Twitter at @ArtemisPics and @Artemis_FF. Also, follow the hashtag ‪#‎womenkickass‬ and join them in promoting Women in Action!