Liam DaCosta Athias Babington, USAFR Airman and FlyGirls fan

Liam DaCosta Athias Babington, Senior Airman, USAFR, Andrews Air Force base.

"I am part of a pathfinder parachuting group that actually jump the exact drop zones that the paratroopers of WWII made. We wear a kit of that day to ensure accuracy. For us, it is not a matter of is a matter of respect. If not for those brave souls we would not be here today.

Liam DaCosta Athias Babington in uniform dress blues outside

The story of the WASP is beyond a doubt one of the vital stories of WWII due to the fact that women played an essential part in the war efforts! The WASP played a key role in the delivery of aircraft to the front lines of the war, through their efforts ferrying war planes across the United States. As an Air Force Veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, I am keenly aware that women, both then and now, play a vital role in Air Force Aviation, from pilots to engine mechanics.

This essential part of the war effort that the WASP made speaks volumes of their dedication and commitment to the nation which I hold so dear to my heart! 'For Valor and Above all'. "