Alex Esguerra, US Navy: FlyGirls fan & supporter

Alex Esguerra is a former PRAN (Aviation Survival Equipment, Airman) of the US Navy, stationed at Barbers Point HI.

"There are a myriad of examples of perseverance, pride of service, honor, courage, and sacrifice that made the ladies of WASP what they are to me today. The WASP did not participate in combat, but that does not make them any less of heroes than their male counterparts. If anything, I see their service as even more heroic considering the low expectations that many in the military had of them because of their gender. Like a male combat unit that manages to win the day despite predictions that they won't, the pilots of WASP hit the challenging situation head on, determined to not go out without giving it their all. And in the end, they shattered the notion that women were not suited for flying military aircraft".

Alex is currently behind "Operation Valiant", with a mission of restoring a BT-13A Valiant for the May, 2016 WASP Reunion at the WASP National Museum at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, TX. What is a BT-13 to the WASP? Between earning their wings, ferrying any one of the over 9,000 trainers built, and providing instruction, every woman of WASP flew the Vultee-made basic trainer. Please visit his GoFundMe page at

"It's been more than seventy years after they disbanded, and still, they remain shadowed in relative obscurity. Like the "Rosie The Riveters" who contributed in their own way during that war, the ladies of the WASP deserve to be in the forefront of US history. Thank you for bringing the stories of the Women Airforce Service Pilots to the TV screen."