Meet ‪Hilary Prentice, FlyGirls Producer

Hilary Prentice, an award-winning producer for the film, Heavy Lifting, who's been working in the entertainment industry since 2001.

Hilary Prentice

"Before I met Matia in 2012, I had no idea women flew airplanes for the military in WWII. I was a History major at one of our nation's leading academic institutions. I knew about the color barriers in the military at that time, and the Tuskegee airmen; I knew about the Navajo code talkers and other American Indian contributions to the military service, but I had never heard the stories of the women who sacrificed their lives as pilots in service of this country during WWII. Immediately I wanted to help Matia change that by bringing their story into homes across America and across the world. 
Why does their story move me to tears? I have the utmost respect for women and men in the service because they are willing to sacrifice their lives for complete strangers - for you and for me. My dad and three of his brothers served, and both of my grandfathers served in WWII. My paternal grandfather flew as a navigator in the USAFF, and my maternal grandfather was awarded the Purple Heart. However these female pilots never received any recognition or medals -- until much later in 1977 when they were first granted status as veterans, and then in 2010 when they were finally awarded The Congressional Gold Medal. They put their lives on the line and they didn't ask for anything in return. 
Our "Fly Girls" beat down the barriers put before them. It wasn't the norm for women to drive cars let alone fly planes in 1942. These women ferried planes, flew the planes towing targets for training exercises - with live ammunition - and tested newly over-hauled planes. However since they weren't considered military personnel by the U.S. Armed Services, when a female pilot died performing these tasks, the military was not required to pay for her remains to be sent home, or for her funeral. So her fellow women chipped in to cover those costs. 
The images of these women in their uniforms are thrilling. They were daring, bold, and fierce. Please watch our trailer, share our photos and tributes to these female pilots, as well as our recent veterans and current cadets. It's important for women and men of all ages to know about the sacrifice these forgotten fliers made. Thank you for your support".