Meet Matia Karrell, FlyGirls Series Creator/Director

Matia Karrell is an Academy Award Nominee, Fulbright Fellow, John Wells Directing Fellow, to name a few of her awards. 

"My love for these women started when I found an old photograph of my mother in her WW II volunteer uniform. She was part of a group of plane-spotters along the East coast. Then I discovered another group of women, they weren’t watching for planes…they were flying them. 

There were over 1000 Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), but why weren't they mentioned in my History text books or WW II films? Perhaps because the U.S. Government classified their service as "top secret" for 35 years. They were not granted Veteran's status, and the 38 women who lost their lives in service of their country were not honored as U.S. Military personnel. 

I began a quest to tell their story. I reached out to the pilots who were still living. One of these pilots was Violet Cowden, who I met through a mutual friend. Violet died at the age of 94 in 2011. One year before, she was still flying. I made a promise to Violet before she died. I promised that I would to tell her story and the story of The WASP.

After 20 years of research I know the time has come to make the Women Air Force Service Pilots' story known not just to the military, but to the world. We will not let them be forgotten".