Meet Joanne Gaishin, FlyGirls Webmaster & Research Assistant

Joanne Gaishin, Senior Master Sergeant, USAFR (Ret.). 

"Meeting a member of the WASP, along with the opportunity to meet you all and to be a part of filming the FlyGirls crowd funding video made my entire 32.5 years of service worth it."
The WASP flew war aircraft and took risks for their country without military benefits and status,'s about time we learn more about the WASP and their sacrifices. 

I feel I can relate to the WASP as I always wanted to fly.  I went in the Air Force wanting/trying to be a military pilot.  Although I didn't become a military pilot, I flew at military aero-clubs and did receive my FAA rated private pilot's license.  So I feel like I would have been right there with the WASP, had I lived in that era. 

I never cared much for ceremonial things, awards being given, the mandatory "attaboy" presentations, or even wearing the dress blues. However, doing so for a member of the WASP, holding her hand for a moment, her feeling honored by us, and the fun of shooting the FlyGirls crowd funding video, has literally made my time worth it. I know most any vet in my circumstance would at least think of it as a highlight if they had been there."